What is the problem with coyotes according to this article? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-killing-coyotes-doesn-rsquo-t-make-livestock-safer/ (Links to an external site.) What your thoughts about coyotes? Knowing that each organism plays an important role in an ecosystem, did your feelings about coyotes change? What about this article was most surprising?

The problem with coyotes according to this article is that the removal of coyotes through lethal measures actually increases predation and upsets the balance of an ecosystem.

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Answering about what you found most surprising and what your thoughts on coyotes are is subjective based on the individual reader. Personally, I love coyotes. They help manage the rabbit population in my area.

The main problem that this article discusses is how coyotes impact the bottom line of ranchers. Coyotes are a pack-hunting, predatory species; therefore, they are very effective at hunting and killing ranch animals like sheep. That is a loss of product and money for that rancher. Ranchers have a couple of options. They can have the coyotes killed, or they can look for non-lethal ways to discourage the coyotes from approaching. The article discusses that pursuing lethal measures is not a good solution, and the article cites that studies have shown predation rates to have actually increased with the decrease of the coyote population.

The question correctly states that each organism plays an important role in a given ecosystem. All of the animals within any given food web are dependent on the actions of the animals contained within that food web. Even removing an apex predator has ripple effects throughout the entire system, because removing that predator can cause overpopulation of the species right beneath it in the food chain. That overpopulation will result in more predation to the species prior to it in the food chain. No ecosystem is ever 100% balanced. There are always fluctuations of population numbers, but the systematic removal of a species has cataclysmic results, as illustrated by the now-famous removal of wolves from Yellowstone.

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