What is the point of view of the story in All the Light We Cannot See?

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The point of view in the novel is limited, as the story is narrated by the main characters and focuses on their thoughts and emotions. In this case, the two main characters are Marie-Laure LeBlanc and Werner Pfennig. Marie-Laure's point of view is unique and focuses on descriptions of sounds and textures and descriptions of certain smells, as she is blind. Werner's point of view, on the other hand, focuses more on descriptions of what he sees at the moment and how he perceives the imagery and scenery. There are also several occasions in the story where the point of view shifts between some of the supporting characters as well, such as Major Reinhold von Rumpel, Marie-Laure's father Daniel and her great-uncle Ettiene, and Werner's sister Jutta and his friend Frank Volkheimer.

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