What is the plot structure of "The Flowers" by Alice Walker?

The plot of "The Flowers" begins with the exposition of background information on Myop and leads to the inciting incident, when she begins to pick the blue flowers she finds outside. The rising action occurs when she gets farther from home, heading into a strange, silent cove. The story reaches its climax when she steps into the skull and realizes that the man was hanged, and it resolves with her laying down her flowers in mourning.

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Plot refers to the series of events that occur in a story and the order in which they take place, and structure refers to the way these events are organized as well as their relationship to one another.

The Flowers” begins with exposition, which is when the narrator reveals background information in order to set the scene and help the reader to understand the characters and events to come. Here, we learn that Myop is a young and innocent child, one who sees the world as a beautiful place full of “golden surprise” each day.

Next, we have the inciting incident, or the event that initiates the plot’s development; this is when Myop finds the beautiful blue flowers and evidently decides to spend her morning gathering the blossoms. She skips along, far enough from home that the area seems less familiar and, so, less pleasant to her.

This begins the rising action: the events that lead up to the climax of the story. Myop collects the flowers and, the narrator notes, finds herself in a...

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