What is the plot of "The Sniper" by Liam O’Flaherty?

The plot of "The Sniper" involves two men on opposing sides of a street and of a war. One man creates a ruse which leads the other to believe he has an opportunity to kill him. The other man stands up, confident in the death of his opponent, and is then killed. The surviving sniper then realizes that he has just shot and killed his own brother.

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The plot of “The Sniper” involves two snipers positioned across the street from one another, both unaware that the other sniper is his brother. The story takes place in Dublin during the Battle of Dublin in 1922. The Republican sniper takes a bullet in his arm and realizes he needs to get help but is unable to move for fear of being shot again. He creates a ruse by lifting his cap with the muzzle of his gun, creating the impression that he is getting up. In response, the other sniper fires, and stands up, celebrating in the thought that he has just killed a Republican.

The Republican, very much still alive—albeit with an injured arm,—fires an easy shot and kills his enemy. He then climbs down and approaches the body of the sniper that he has felled. As he turns the corpse over, he realizes that he has shot his own brother. This is where the story ends, so the plot does not include his reaction to the realization. We are, however, given insight into how he felt at having shot and...

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