What is the plot of Shoeless Joe?

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Shoeless Joe is a 1982 novel by Canadian author W. P. Kinsella. Much of its fame is due to the 1989 film adaptation, Field of Dreams. The story is about Ray Kinsella, an Iowa farmer who hears a voice telling him to build a baseball diamond in his corn field. He is also told that after he builds it, he will come. The "he" in question is "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, a baseball player who was on the 1919 Chicago White Sox team, a team that threw the World Series and was subsequently banned from baseball. They were nicknamed the Black Sox. Kinsella, much to the confusion of those around him, builds the field, and, indeed, Shoeless Joe does appear.

Kinsella hears another voice telling him, "ease his pain." In this case, the person in question is the legendary writer J. D. Salinger, a notorious recluse living in Vermont. Kinsella finds Salinger, takes him to a baseball game, and is given another mysterious clue, which leads him to travel to Minnesota to track down another ballplayer named "Moonlight" Graham, who had a very brief career. Graham is an elderly doctor, but Kinsella, still with Salinger in tow, takes him back to the Iowa baseball diamond. Graham plays a game with Jackson and other members of the disgraced Sox team, the family farm is saved, and, adding to the magic, Kinsella's dead father appears, and the two men reconcile.

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