What is the plot in the story "The Land Lady" by Roald Dahl, and what is the conflict in this story?

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A seventeen-year-old man named Billy Weaver travels by train from London to Bath for business. When he gets to Bath, he is supposed to find lodgings and then report for work the next day. The porter recommends a hotel called The Bell and Dragon, but Billy sees a boarding house on his way there. He peers into one of the windows and he sees a cozy room with a little dog asleep by the fire. He dithers about whether to go on to the hotel or stay here, and just as he's about to walk away, the "Bed and Breakfast" sign catches his eye and he moves to the front door.

The moment he rings the bell, the landlady appears. She seems sweet but a little "dotty," and it almost seems as though she was just waiting for him to arrive. No one else appears to be staying here, and she claims to be a "bit choosy and particular" in who she takes in, and she remarks on how handsome and young he is. She shows him his room and asks him to go downstairs to sign the guest book before he turns in.

When he goes down, she brings him some tea, and he feels that he somehow recognizes the only other two names in the book: Christopher Mulholland and Gregory W. Temple. He feels as though he read about them in the newspapers at some point. Billy also notices that the parrot and the dog have been stuffed; they are taxidermy animals that were once alive.

As he drinks his tea, he notices that it tastes like bitter almonds, and this is a common description of cyanide, a deadly poison. The landlady also explains that Mr. Mulholland and Mr. Temple are still in the house, on the third floor, and that she "stuff[s] all [her] little pets [her]self when they pass away." Evidently, she intends to kill Billy Weaver and then stuff him too. The conflict, then, is between Billy Weaver and the landlady, a character vs. character conflict.

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