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What is the phrase structure rules for the following sentences? 1) Real Madrid move for Sancho. 2) The move to stop the extension of John's contract.

The phrase structure rules for the first phrase adheres to the rules of a sentence with a compound subject. Who are the two subjects? They're Real Madrid and Sancho. Both Real Madrid and Jadon Sancho are people or things in this world. The second phrase more or less complies with the rules of a sentence with compound verbs. What are the verbs? "Move" and "stop."

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When we're dealing with sentence structure—or "phrase structure," as you call it—we can give you some general rules. Yet keep in mind, we are working with words. Unlike numbers, words aren't so objective. While 4 + 4 has one right answer and lots of wrong answers, not every sentence has a clear right and wrong structure.

With that out of the way, what can we say about the rules of your first sentence: "Real Madrid move for Sancho"?

As we know a little about soccer, we know we're talking about the Real Madrid soccer team and the soccer...

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