What is the overall impression of Valley Song with examples to support this reading?

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Valley Song is the one-act play written by South African playwright Athol Fugard. The play examines the racial dynamic present as a result of the legacy of apartheid. Buks, a 76-year-old black sharecropper, is approached by The Author, a white man in his sixties, to buy Buks’s land. Buks worries if The Author will allow him to continue sharecropping. Buks’s granddaughter Veronica dreams of escaping their homeland altogether.

The play is impressive in its ability to address the theme of comfort versus change. Buks and The Author appear to be at odds with each other. Buks wants to continue his life as it exists already, and is scared that The Author’s purchase of the land will change his life. He projects his insecurities on Veronica, who dreams of moving to Johannesburg. She wants to pursue a career as a singer, and is unsatisfied with singing in church. Buks’s fear is further understood when the reader or watcher learns that Veronica’s mother ran away to Johannesburg. She later died in childbirth. This exploration of Buks’s fear is impressive.

The plot resolves when the reader or watcher finds out that The Author wants to purchase Buks's land so he can continue farming it.

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