The Little Prince Moral Lesson

What is the moral lesson of The Little Prince?

The moral lesson of The Little Prince is that we love what we nurture. This love is all-important, infuses our lives with a childlike grace, and allows us to see into the heart of all things.

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One of the many moral lessons contained in the story concerns the power of friendship, as we see illustrated by the friendship between the little prince and the fox. On the face of it, they really shouldn't be friends. Throughout history, man and fox have had an uneasy relationship with each other, to say the least. Expressions such as "sly as a fox" indicate just how humans have often regarded these remarkable creatures.

And yet the little prince, unburdened by adult prejudice, is able to strike up a friendship with a fox in the desert, and the fox proceeds to reveal to him some of the most profound truths of human existence. As a result, boy and fox are able to establish a close bond between them that can never be broken.

This is because they realize that friendship, like everything that's truly important in life, comes from the heart, not from one's eyes. To expect the little prince and the fox to be antagonists would be seeing things with the eye, which, as the fox points out to the little prince, doesn't involve seeing things rightly. Their friendship will endure long after more superficial relationships have ended, because it is based on a mutual understanding that comes from the heart.

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The moral lesson of The Little Prince is that love is all-important and allows us to truly see to the heart and beauty of all things.

The Little Prince leaves his rose because her behavior becomes too difficult for him to bear. He wanders the galaxy and arrives on earth. While there, he sees a house covered in roses just like the rose he left behind on his tiny planet. This fills him with despair, because his rose had always told him she was unique in all the world. Now he sees that she is completely ordinary.

However, the Little Prince also meets the fox, who teaches him that what makes his rose unique is the love he felt for her. He "tamed" the rose by entering into relationship with her, just as he enters into relationship with the fox, "taming" and creating a bond with him.

The Prince realizes he was wrong to leave the rose and that what he saw as her impossibly difficult behavior arose out her vulnerability and need. He addresses all the other roses, stating,

But my rose, all on her own, is more important than all of you together, since she's the one I've watered. Since she's the one I put under glass, since she's the one I sheltered behind the screen.

Actively caring for another creates love and infuses the beloved object with meaning. When the Little Prince realizes this, he decides to sacrifice himself by being bitten by the snake and dying in the hopes it will get him back to his rose.

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The story of The Little Prince has many moral lessons. As the Little Prince journeys from planet to planet and meets the residents who live there, he learns a lesson from each. For example, from the king he learns the futility of power; from the conceited man he learns the vanity of praise; and from the tippler he learns the destruction of shame. He learns that many people live meaningless existences that produce little benefit for others. But when he reaches Earth, he begins to learn lessons that impact him personally. Seeing the thousands of roses that look just like his rose makes him feel as if he was duped by his flower; she had told him she was unique, and he had believed her. The fox teaches him what it means to be tamed, and he realizes that his rose truly is unique: She has tamed him, and he has tamed her. The fox, as his parting gift to the Little Prince, shares his secret with him. 

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

The fox explains that one becomes responsible for what one has tamed, and the Little Prince realizes that he is responsible for his rose. 

The main lesson, then, is that the meaning of life can be found only in relationships. Loving someone causes you to commit yourself to another, and that makes even the most humdrum occurrences of life take on deep significance. 

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Depending on how you view it (stories are all subjective), the lesson from this book can be seen as the only way we can learn in our lives, is through experiencing it ourselves first hand. We cannot rely on others telling us, teaching us, or trying to get a message across. Unless we are there experiencing it ourselves, we will not be able to learn from what is true. Furthermore, the story teaches us the importance of friendship, being invisible, and responsibility. Depending on how the reader views it, this story has many teachings it can offer.

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The moral is that we cannot truly understand unless we search for meaning ourselves. Someone else can tell us about it, but we need to experience it in order to know what it means. The narrator says that what makes the water from the well so good is all the hard work that went into finding the well with water. Relationships, objects, and experiences are rewarding only when a person puts his/her own time and effort into it.
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