Split Cherry Tree by Jesse Stuart

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What is the message of the story "Split Cherry Tree"?

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"Split Cherry Tree" is about a son and his father and the two worlds they live in: the working-class rural world and the more educated and refined new class. Dave Sexton, the boy, is in between the two worlds, working hard at home but also educating himself at high school so that he can have a better life. Luster, his father, is very old fashioned, focused completely on work. He doesn't believe in the existence of things he can't see, like germs, and he is skeptical of the changes in education, with things like field trips and boys and girls being taught together.

The story finds Luster getting upset with the school for making Dave stay late to repay a debt to someone whose tree he broke. Luster goes into school to reprimand the teacher (bringing his gun with him), but eventually learns to understand that things have changed...

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