What is the message of the poem “Suicide in the Trenches”?

The message of the poem “Suicide in the Trenches” is that people who have not been to war have no idea of the incredible emotional and physical pain endured by those who have. They are either completely ignorant, or they simply do not want to think about it, as they stop speaking of people like the “simple soldier boy” who takes his own life in the trenches.

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The message of “Suicide in the Trenches” is that war is hell, and people who glorify war are ignorant and even, perhaps, misleading and cruel . The speaker describes a young man who, when he was about to go off to war, had a really simple and innocent way of looking at the world. He “whistled” and “slept soundly” and “grinned” with “joy.” However, once he went to war, he experienced such...

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