What is the message of "Beasts of England" in Animal Farm?

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"Beasts of England" is designed to be a stirring song that will make the animals on the farm feel much better about themselves. According to Old Major's Animalist ideology animals will only be able to throw off the shackles of human oppression once they recognize what they're capable of. And what they're capable of, more than anything else, is leading their own lives without the need for human supervision and control.

As most of the animals are illiterate, Old Major has figured out that the best way to transmit his emancipatory message is through the medium of song. The lyrics of the song contain a hopeful message that very soon the day is coming when the hated human oppressor shall be "o'erthrown" and the "fruitful fields of England/Shall be trod by beasts alone".

Things might be bad now, the song is saying, but not for much longer. Come the revolution, animals will rediscover their dignity, throw off their rings, harnesses, bits and spurs and take collective control of the fields of...

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