What is the message in I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak?

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The story I Am the Messenger follows a young man after he accidentally stops a crime from happening and then receives mysterious messages to solve other crimes and help other people. After the initial incident, he is led to a scene where he finds a man raping his wife, a young woman who loses races despite her obvious effort, and a widow who has lost her touch with reality. He steps in, kidnapping the man, encouraging the young woman, and visiting the widow to give her company.

After he meets the mysterious benefactor who has been sending him the directions, he states that he is not the messenger but the message. In the end, the message the author wants us to hear is that Ed, the main character, had control over his actions in spite of seemingly only following fate. Regardless of what steps directed him, he decided to follow the messages and to help the people in need, showing both our own free will and power to do good in life and the inherent goodness of people when they have the...

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