What is the message behind the short story "Neighbor Rosicky" by Willa Cather?

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One of the main messages, I think, is that a life well- and fully-lived is better than money in the bank or acres of land or even the respect of one's neighbors.

Anton Rosicky and his wife, Mary, have lived their life together according to this principle, and, as a result, they have a family of lovely and healthy children. Though their neighbors, who have chosen to sell their cream, have more money, those same neighbors have children who are thin and sickly because they've only had skimmed milk rather than full-fat. Though other neighbors might have more land than the Rosickys do, they do not seem to have the happy home life that Rosicky's family enjoys. His children are well-mannered, and his wife is happy.

Rosicky supports his wife's hobby of making pillows and blankets, as they keep her busy and contented and beautify his home, even making his bed more comfortable. When he goes to buy her supplies, he thoughtfully rounds up his purchase and asks the shop girl to toss some candy into the bag for Mary and his daughter, Josephine. Rosicky knows that he could have more, that he could be more prosperous, but this is not what is important to him, and his life appears to be all the happier and fuller for it.

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