What is the message behind Dracula? What is an interpretation of Dracula? What is Stoker trying to teach the reader with Dracula?

One of the messages or themes of Dracula is the conflict between modernity and the ancient world. Stoker suggests that no matter how advanced the modern world's technology is, there are some things, such as evil, that it cannot destroy.

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Dracula has been interpreted a myriad of ways over the years, with many focusing on its depiction of women and sexuality or simply describing it as a battle between good and evil. And these are valid ways to look at the book, but one significant message of Dracula is its emphasis on contrasting the past and the present, the ancient world clashing against modernity.

The conflict between the ancient past and the modern world was nothing new in gothic literature, but Dracula especially emphasizes it. Modern technologies connect the world through telegraphs and telephones and allow people to survive illnesses that killed people long ago, yet the vampire is still able to wreak havoc on the populace. Modern blood transfusions are unable to rescue Lucy from becoming one of the undead, and only ancient methods of destroying vampires can save Mina's soul from corruption. Even Jonathan Harker, long before he learns his host is a vampire, can sense the power the ancients still hold over the modern...

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