What is the meaning of the title Trifles by Glaspell?

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Sherlock Holmes remarked several times that his method was founded upon the observation of trifles, from which he was able to deduce matters of great importance. This is a convincing description of how a detective works, since clues are necessarily things that appear trifling. If they were not, the criminal would notice and eliminate them. In Glaspell's play, the women consistently notice details which the men fail to discern or which they dismiss as trifles. Even when the men do notice an important clue, as when the County Attorney remarks upon the empty birdcage, they completely fail to register its importance.

The title also refers to Wright's cruel treatment of his wife which Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters deduce from the details they notice. They are able to sympathize with Mrs. Wright and understand what her state of mind must have been. Strangling a bird or stopping one's wife from singing are small matters so far as the law is concerned, certainly in comparison with the murder of a...

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