What is the main idea of the story A Tale of Two Cities?

The main idea of A Tale of Two Cities is the concept of resurrection. Characters are brought metaphorically brought back to live throughout the novel. For example, Dr. Manette is freed from prison at the beginning of the novel, and Carton is spiritually resurrected at the end of the novel through his sacrifice.

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The main idea of A Tale of Two Cities centers on transformation. Throughout the novel, both individual people and entire societies are transformed. However, transformation does not come without risk and sacrifice.

For instance, over the course of the story, Sydney Carton finds redemption for himself by learning to be more empathetic and moral and less selfish. This culminates in him making the ultimate sacrifice so that his formal rival, Charles Darnay, can live happily ever after with his former love interest, Lucie Manette. By doing so, Carton is transformed from the morose young man he was into a Christlike hero. The reader also experiences the transformation of characters like Doctor Alexandre Manette, who is "recalled to life" as he finds new meaning as a father and a free man after his time as a prisoner.

Other transformations occur on a broader scale. France, which had suffered under the regime of callous aristocrats, is transformed by way of a violent revolution. Certainly,...

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