What is the main idea for the story "A Pair of Tickets" by Amy Tan?

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"A Pair of Tickets" is the final story in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club, and it focuses on Jing-mei Woo's trip to China to meet her mother's twin daughters. When Suyuan Woo was a young woman in China, she had to flee her village with her baby twin daughters due to the Japanese invasion. Suyuan does her best to carry her most valuable possessions and both daughters, but eventually she thinks she will die, and so she leaves her twins on the side of the road with a note. Much later, she learns they were adopted and survived. However, Suyuan passes away before she can reunite with her daughters; therefore, Jing-mei goes to China in her place, in the same way she sits in her mother's seat at the mah-jong table with her aunties.

When Jing-mei goes to China, she is visiting her parents's homeland for the first time. She meets relatives she's never seen in person, including, of course, her half-sisters. Jing-mei is worried that she will not be able to substitute for her mother and will be a...

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