What is the main conflict in the story Miracles Boys from Jaqueline Woodson

The main conflict in Miracle's Boys is between Charlie and his two brothers, Ty'ree and Lafayette. However, all the boys, and Charlie in particular, also have to deal with internal conflict.

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There are various types of conflict in Jacqueline Woodson's novel, Miracle's Boys. Man against man, man against self, man against society, and man against fate are all present to some degree. However, the first of these is the main conflict, though this is the case partly because the characters, Charlie in particular, have largely internalized the others.

The conflict in the novel takes the familiar form of a relatively placid, stable way of life being plunged into chaos by a new arrival. Ty'ree and Lafayette Bailey have managed to find a harmonious way of living together since the deaths of both their parents, when their brother, Charlie, comes back to live with them after two years in a juvenile detention center.

When Charlie returns, he has changed so much that Lafayette refers to him as "Newcharlie." He is hostile to Ty'ree, the eldest brother, who has now taken on the role of an authority figure, and Lafayette, whom he blames for his mother's death. It is this conflict between Charlie and his two brothers that is resolved at the end of the novel. However, it can only be resolved when Charlie addresses his own internal conflict, and stops blaming both himself and Lafayette for his mother's death. It could, therefore, be argued that the main conflict is between Charlie and himself. However, the other brothers are also internally conflicted, and none of them can address his problems alone. They only achieve resolution when they stop fighting with one another and act in concert as a family.

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