What is the main conflict in the chapter “March” of The Wednesday Wars?

Among the numerous conflicts in the chapter “March” from The Wednesday Wars, the main one is between Heather Hoodhood and her father. She is adamantly opposed to the Vietnam War and wants to work for Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Her father, who supports President Nixon, discourages her involvement with Kennedy’s candidacy and demands that she work for his business.

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In the “March” chapter of The Wednesday Wars, numerous conflicts come to the fore. Many of these involve various characters’ reactions to the escalating American involvement in the Vietnam War. The ongoing conflict between Holling’s older sister, Heather Hoodhood, and their father also escalates in the spring. Heather, who is a high-school senior, has increasingly voiced her opposition to the war but had not identified an appropriate outlet for her protests. Heather decides to take a positive activist stance by getting involved in the presidential race, as the election will be held that November. An enthusiastic supporter of Robert Kennedy Jr., she wants to volunteer with his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Mr. Hoodhood is politically opposed, as he supports the current president, Richard Nixon, and is dismissive of Kennedy in particular as a representative of wealth and privilege. He forbids her to work on Kennedy’s campaign, which would probably involve national travel. Given that she seems to have extra time on her hands, he insists that she come to work at his architectural firm, which needs a receptionist. This conflict contributes to developments in subsequent chapters, when Heather runs away from home.

Other conflicts involve students bullying Mai Thi and Danny getting in trouble for physically fighting with them in an attempt to defend her. An internal conflict is Mrs. Baker’s struggles to stay calm while she worries about her husband, a military officer who is serving in Vietnam and has been declared missing in action.

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