What is the main conflict in Ray Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder"?

The main conflict in Ray Bradbury's “A Sound of Thunder” is human beings against themselves. In different ways, both Eckels and Travis represent the negative traits of arrogance and egotism, and their failures at self-control have devastating consequences not only for themselves but for the whole world.

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One could argue that the primary conflict in Ray Bradbury's celebrated short story "A Sound of Thunder" is a Man vs. Nature conflict. In a typical Man vs. Nature conflict, characters struggle against forces of nature, which are hostile and pose significant threats or obstacles in the story. In regards to Bradbury's short story, advanced technology gives humans the ability to time travel. Man possesses a great opportunity, which comes with much responsibility. Time Safari, Inc. capitalizes on its advanced technology by selling expeditions into the past, where citizens have the thrilling opportunity to hunt dinosaurs. Despite taking several notable precautions, time travel is extremely risky and the consequences attached to traveling into the past are enormous.
The conflict between Man vs. Nature arises from mankind's hubris , as humans threaten to alter the course of history each time they interact with the natural environment of the past. By accidentally altering the past, the characters...

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