The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

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What is the main character like? How does the main character's personality impact the story?

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Amir is the protagonist and narrator of the story. He is a Pashtun, who enjoys a privileged childhood in Baba's home. Despite his wealth and opportunities, Amir desperately desires his father's affection and respect. He is relatively forgotten at home, and his father seems to favor Hassan over him.

Amir also has a complex relationship with Hassan, who is his best friend and Hazara servant. Amir does not openly acknowledge that Hassan is his friend and even betrays him by refusing to intervene when Assef rapes him. Amir is a conflicted individual, who has many faults that he acknowledges. He is a coward, hypocrite, and liar. However, the audience feels sympathy for Amir because he is powerless and extremely young.

Amir's decision to not save Hassan as a child haunts him into adulthood. As an adult, Amir discovers that Hassan was his half-brother and is determined to atone for his past sins by saving Sohrab, Hassan's son. Amir risks his life entering Taliban occupied Kabul, fighting Assef in hand-to-hand combat, and eventually adopting Sohrab.

Amir's redemption story is heartwarming and powerful. Audiences admire him for acknowledging his faults, facing his demons, and atoning for his past sins. His conflicted, sensitive personality contributes to his likability and audiences can relate to his flaws. Amir is thoroughly human and readers respect him for valiantly risking his life to find redemption. We all have a little bit of Amir in each of us, and his complex personality makes his character unforgettable.

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