What is the irony in the last two paragraphs of Alice Munro's “The Shining Houses"?  

In Alice Munro's "The Shining Houses," irony is used to convey the protagonist's dismay at the petition to evict Mrs. Fullerton from her home so they can build a new road in its place.

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In Alice Munro’s short story “The Shining Houses,” Mary’s consternation is conveyed ironically, as she protests the neighbor’s petition to evict Mrs. Fullerton from her home.

In the story, Mary has a fondness for Mrs. Fullerton, a cranky old lady who sells eggs at an inflated price. Much of her fondness comes from Mrs. Fullerton's conversational style. Mary buys eggs (at an inflated price compared to the supermarket down the street) from Mrs. Fullerton and engages in off-kilter...

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