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What is the importance of workforce diversity? Research and discuss an organization that you feel exemplifies ideal diversity in the workforce.

Workplace diversity provides the business with talents from different backgrounds and cultures. Individuals use their experience and knowledge to analyze situations and recommend solutions. As a result, the management can look at a problem from different points of view and choose the best solution. Every year, different agencies group companies according to their level of diversity. After careful analysis and research of all the lists I could find, I found that CISCO systems exemplify ideal diversity in the workplace.

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The diverse pool of talent created by a diverse workforce helps to reduce conflicts in the organization. That's because employees learn to work and communicate with people from different walks of life. The employees have learned to accept and respect diverse beliefs. For that reason, the employees less likely to fight over an issue that doesn't sit well with their beliefs.

A diverse workforce can also help the business attract new clients and keep the old ones. We live at a time where anyone can blow the whistle on a company that discriminates against employees from a certain race, gender or sexual orientation. If that happens, the company can lose both current and potential customers. Therefore, a diverse workforce helps to enhance the reputation of a business and prevent it from losing clients.

According to research from Great Place to Work, forty-eight percent of CISCO's workforce is made up of minorities. Also, thirty-eight percent of front line managers are minorities. The most interesting thing about CISCO is that it has a full spectrum diversity framework to help it identify the best talents in the market. The system doesn't discriminate. Instead, it chooses candidates according to their strengths and ability to fit into CISCO's diverse culture.