Their Eyes Were Watching God Questions and Answers
by Zora Neale Hurston

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What is the importance of the concept of horizon? How do Janie and each of her men widen her horizons? What is the significance of the novel’s final sentences in this regard?

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The concept of horizons threads throughout this novel. People look off in the distance to where the sky meets the earth to see a literal horizon. When people think of their own lives, they also see a symbolic horizon where their perceptions, abilities, and experience end. For example, at the beginning of the novel, Janie’s horizon goes as far as expecting to find true love, a love that consists of her being a pear tree “with kissing bees singing of the beginning of the world.”

When Nanny arranges a marriage between Janie and Logan Killicks, Janie hopes that her horizon of true love will come true. However, she soon discovers this is not happening. Janie even tells Nanny,

Maybe if somebody was to tell me how, Ah could do it. (Chapter 3)

Suddenly, Janie’s horizon will not include love that...

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