What is the importance of Rainy Mountain?

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Rainy Mountain represents many things to the Kiowa, whose tribe originated in western Montana. They were a nomadic people, and as Plains Indians, Rainy Mountain was an important location because it offered green vegetation on the southern plains year round. It sustained people, plants, and animals through tough winters. Ironically, it ultimately became the location of the forced resettlement of the Kiowa in 1867 with the signing of the Medicine Lodge Treaty. It is, then, a landmark that is sacred, revered for what it once represented to a free indigenous people. What it became when the Kiowa's descendants were forced onto a reservation by the US government stands as a symbol of the end result of the widespread domestic genocide of this country that attempted to eradicate indigenous people.

As a geographic feature, Rainy Mountain is permanent, and its spiritual and symbolic power transcends the unfortunate rapacious propensities of mankind. It literally and metaphorically towers over the...

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