European Exploration of America

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What is the impact of Christopher Columbus's voyages to the Americas?

The impact of Christopher Columbus's voyages to the Americas was the death of countless indigenous peoples via murder and disease, the introduction of European travel to the Americas, and the displacement and enslavement of indigenous peoples for many years to come.

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The impact of Columbus's voyages to the Americas was massive. First of all, he showed that it was possible to sail west from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean. This led to many more voyages of discovery and conquest by the Spanish as well as many other European nations. While Columbus was originally looking for routes to the Spice Islands, he quickly changed his purpose, and his subsequent voyages were more focused on conquest. With Spain snatching up new colonial holdings in the Americas, other European powers got involved, and a contest of imperialism ensued.

Columbus's voyages also led to the enrichment of Spain. In 1492, Spain had recently been reunited after centuries of Moorish occupation. The funds that came in as a result of Columbus's and other voyages helped quickly turn Spain into the richest power on earth.

For the people Columbus encountered in the Americas, the impact was devastating. Diseases that were unintentionally introduced as well as brutal treatment and outright...

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