What is the impact of artificial intelligence on the duties of an accountant?

The main impact artificial intelligence (AI) might have on accounting is how incorporating AI technology might change a job's skillset. For example, with AI technology completing more automated, repetitive tasks, accountants will be asked to focus on more complex or strategic issues. Incoming accountants may not necessarily need to have a lot of experience doing data entry or other tasks AI technology can do.

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There are a few ways artificial intelligence (AI) technology might impact the duties of an accountant, but the main impact will likely be a significant change in the skillset for an accounting job. For example, AI programs and technology will be well-suited to completing repetitive tasks that can easily be automated, so accountants might be expected to direct their attention to more complex issues. Accountants may not necessarily be expected to have an extensive skillset or a lot of experience working with the automated tasks AI technology can complete. Accounting experts have also said that AI might even increase an accounting firm's workload because it will improve audit quality and prompt accountants to investigate issues more deeply and ask more questions.

Of course, there are also many ways that AI can improve accounting. Many accounting firms are utilizing AI to help streamline their business operations and allow accountants to do more strategic and therefore valuable work. It's also important to note that even if AI technology is highly intelligent and could even mimic the human brain, there will still be a need for humans to analyze it and guide it, so AI gives accountants the ability to interact with and learn about new technology.

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