What is the impact of art in the modern world?

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Art, in all its various forms, definitely has a big impact in the modern world. For example, parts of society that had found themselves treated badly and unfairly in the past were able to find a way to communicate and express their feelings through art, thus raising more attention to their cause.

Traditionally, most famous and successful artists in the past had been male. Nowadays, however, there is a rise in female artists. Through feminist art, as well as through the art of female artists in general, it is possible for artists to highlight the further need of female artists to be treated equally to male artists even today.

Similarly, in the 1960s and early 1970s, the black arts movement was a way for black artists and black intellectuals to highlight their cause and draw attention to it, whilst simultaneously creating a stronger sense of unity amongst themselves. Even today, black artist use their talent to highlight that equality has not been fully achieved.

Therefore, one can easily see that the biggest impact of art in the modern world is the highlighting of important social issues within our society. This is particularly the case with regard to issues of inequality and discrimination, as artists all over the world hope to help change our society for the better through their art.

Naturally, art does not only have an impact on society as a whole but also on the individual. It allows the audience to reflect on themselves, to marvel at and think about the messages the artist is trying to get across through their work.

Art can also provide a chance to escape everyday life. Through the various forms of art, such as paintings, sculptures, theatre, music and many more, people are able to, at least mentally, escape their lives for a moment. They can emerge themselves into the world of art, thus forgetting their stress, worries and troubles. Through art, people might even find solace, particularly if they belong to one of the groups that are still considering themselves to be outsiders in society. In this instance, art can impact massively on people in the modern world by providing a sense of belonging and by helping people to realize that they are not on their own.

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