What is the highest human good? Why?

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There are a number of important human goods. For example, the Australian philosopher John Finnis names seven basic human goods: “knowledge, play, aesthetic experience, friendship, practical reasonableness and religion.”

To me, the most important human good, according to Finnis’ selection of basic human goods, is knowledge. Knowledge enriches the lives of human people, as it gives people the answers to the questions they have. Knowledge makes daily life much easier, as it allows people to act according to what they know. For example, the scientific knowledge of scientists has resulted in important inventions. These inventions, in return, can help people considerably.Two notable inventions that changed the world are the telephone and the internet.

Medical knowledge, another form of scientific knowledge, is also massively important to humans. The discovery of penicillin, for example, has massively increased the life expectancy of humans and led to an improvement of living conditions.

In addition to this, knowledge of morals and values allows people to make the right decisions in life. An awareness of morals and ethics provides guidance in life and helps people to judge what is right and what is wrong. This allows for a successful and peaceful coexistence within a society or a community and helps with the establishment of friendships and relationships.

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