What is the flaw in Scout's likeness to Miss Caroline?

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Scout and her first grade teacher Miss Caroline share the same flaw, which is a lack of perspective and tolerance. Miss Caroline is depicted as an inexperienced teacher who has a narrow mindset and does not exercise tolerance. When she discovers that Scout is a fluent reader, Miss Caroline responds by instructing Scout to stop reading with her father because it is "best to begin reading with a fresh mind." Miss Caroline demonstrates a lack of perspective by not recognizing that Scout reading with her father is one of her favorite pastimes. Miss Caroline also demonstrates her narrow point of view by not recognizing Scout's intentions when she stands up for Walter Cunningham Jr. at lunchtime. Miss Caroline believes that Scout is a difficult child who is simply trying to give her a hard time, which is why she punishes Scout in front of the class.

Similarly, Scout also displays a lack of perspective and tolerance when dealing with Miss Caroline. Scout does not consider the fact that Miss Caroline is a newcomer to Maycomb and is not familiar with the locals or their intricacies. Scout also does not recognize that her responses to Miss Caroline's questions and instructions can be taken as rude or offensive. In addition, Scout does not sympathize with Miss Caroline's experience as a first-time teacher and loses her temper when attempting to explain why Walter Cunningham Jr. will not accept Miss Caroline's quarter.

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