What is the first color Jonas sees in The Giver?

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In chapter 3, Jonas recalls the first time he experienced the Capacity to See Beyond. One day, Jonas and Asher were playing catch with an apple during recreation period when he witnessed the apple mysteriously change in mid-air. Jonas had difficulty describing the way the apple changed and decided to take the apple home with him. Jonas had witnessed the apple change to its natural red color. An announcement was also made shortly after Jonas left the recreation area indirectly chastising him for him taking the apple from the designated eating area. Later on, Jonas experiences the Capacity to See Beyond while looking out into the audience during the Ceremony of Twelve and also witnesses Fiona's red hair color. The Giver explains to Jonas that he has the unique ability to see in color, which separates him from the other community members, who are only capable of seeing in shades of gray.

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In Chapter 3 of  The Giver, Jonas has unthinkingly picked up an apple from the snack basket and thrown it to his friend Asher in the recreation yard, who casually tosses it back to Jonas. However, on one toss, Jonas notices something odd about the apple: it changes. Bewildered, Jonas sneaks the apple home to re-examine it privately, but notices no change.

It is not until Chapter 12 when Jonas is under the tutelage of the Giver that he has a similar experience as he takes the memory of sledding on snow. 

This time the sled had and continued to have, as he blinked, and stared at it again--that mysterious quality that the apple had had so briefly.  And Fiona's hair....

The Giver explains to Jonas that he is beginning to see the color RED. 

It is interesting that Jonas as the receiver of memories has the same light-colored eyes as the Giver, a distinction that marks him as different from the others early on; likewise, little baby Gabriel has light eyes and Jonas is later able to transfer memories such as color to him.

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