What is the exposition, rising action, falling action, and resolution of The Magician's Nephew?

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In The Magician's Nephew, the first novel (chronologically) in The Chronicles of Narnia series, the exposition begins with the introduction of Diggory and Polly and the background of Diggory's family woes. Diggory's mother is ill and his father is away in a foreign country, so he leads a sad life in England, in a row of connected houses adjacent to Polly's.

The rising action begins when they encounter Diggory's uncle, the mediocre magician who has successfully created rings that can travel to other worlds. Using them, the children travel to Chairn, a dying world and accidentally bring back its queen, Jadis, to Earth, and eventually into the virgin world of Narnia.

The conflict in the story occurs when Jadis escapes and steals a piece of fruit from the healing tree at the far North of Narnia, and Diggory and Polly must go gather that fruit for themselves and encounter her temptation.

After this, the falling action occurs once they have returned with the fruit and received Aslan's blessing and...

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