What is the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution for 1984?

The exposition of 1984 occurs at the opening of the novel, when Winston Smith, Oceania, and the role of Big Brother are introduced. The rising action includes Winston's infatuation and affair with Julia and his diary entries. The climax is when Winston and Julia are arrested by the thought police, and the falling action is when Winston is tortured at the Ministry of Love. The resolution is when Winston is released and realizes his love for Big Brother.

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The exposition takes place at the beginning of the story and introduces the audience to Winston Smith and the dystopian nation of Oceania. The audience learns about the oppressive, authoritative government and Big Brother's omnipotent role as the nation's fearless leader. They also learn that Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, fabricating historical documents and records. Winston's bleak existence is illustrated and the audience sympathizes with the protagonist's oppressed life, which is completely controlled by the government.

The rising action includes Winston's rebellious journal entries, his introduction to Julia, and his subsequent affair. The rising action also includes Winston briefly experiencing independence, his attempt to join the Brotherhood, and his enlightening meeting with O'Brien.

The climax of the story takes place when Winston and Julia are suddenly arrested by the Thought Police in their rented apartment above Mr. Charrington's antique shop.

The falling action i ncludes...

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