What is the electricity generated by Animal Farm's windmill used for?

Once the windmill is finished, it does not generate electricity to light stalls or run machines. Instead, the windmill is used for milling corn, which brings in a "handsome money profit." Snowball's dream of raising the standard of living on the farm is never realized. However, another windmill is under construction and there is talk that dynamos will be installed. It is clear that Napoleon has no intention of using this windmill to improve conditions on the farm.

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Before Snowball's expulsion, he promised the animals that the windmill would act as a dynamo and provide electricity to the farm, which would allow them to use various tools and significantly reduce their workload. The electricity produced from the windmill would also light their stalls and warm them in the winter. According to Snowball, the windmill would dramatically improve the standard of living on the farm and the animals would only have to work three days a week. Tragically, Napoleon usurps power, expels Snowball from the farm, and takes over plans for the windmill.

The animals suffer under Napoleon's reign while the pigs reap the benefits of their labor. In chapter ten, the windmill is finally complete but does not produce electrical power like Snowball originally intended. Instead, the windmill is used for milling corn, which "brought in a handsome money profit." The initial concept for the windmill has been comprised and it functions to make the ruling pigs rich while the other animals continue to starve. Napoleon also commissions the construction of a second windmill, which is believed to include dynamos. However, the dreams of a three-day work week and the luxuries associated with electrical power are denounced by Napoleon and considered contrary to the spirit of Animalism. Napoleon promotes hard work, sacrifice, and living frugally while he and the other pigs enjoy exclusive privileges and benefit from the animals' labor.

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