The Most Dangerous Game Questions and Answers
by Richard Edward Connell

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What is the difference between Zaroff's perspective and Rainsford's perspective on the hunt in "The Most Dangerous Game"? How does this tension contribute to the moral stakes of the story?

The difference between Zaroff's perspective and Rainsford's perspective on the hunt is that even though they both feel that hunting animals is permissible, Rainsford feels that hunting humans is wrong. Zaroff thinks that hunting animals is too easy, because they can't reason, which is the exact reason Rainsford feels that hunting animals is acceptable. This tension contributes to the moral stakes of the story by creating an opposing viewpoint that Rainsford will have to ironically forgo if he wishes to survive.

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While both Zaroff and Rainsford believe that hunting is morally permissible based on the concept of "survival of the fittest," Rainsford thinks that hunting humans is morally and ethically wrong.

At first glance, Zaroff and Rainsford have similar philosophies about hunting. They both believe it's okay to hunt animals, because animals have "no understanding" or ability to reason, as shown in the opening conversation between Rainsford and Whitney; but Zaroff takes this concept of reasoning a step further. He feels hunting animals is far too easy, because they can't reason. Animals cannot make decisions the same way people do. They merely rely on the concept of fear to drive them.

Zaroff decides to create his own "game" where he can have a true challenge by hunting humans. While Rainsford scoffed at Whitney for his comments about animals having feelings, he is ironically in the same position as the "huntees." While he has no problem killing a helpless animal, he vehemently opposes Zaroff's...

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