What is the difference between education and schooling? Please give examples and explain.

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"Education" is a more general term for the process of learning than is "schooling." The latter usually refers to the formal process of one's attendance at an academic institution, at (in the U.S.) elementary (or grammar) school, middle school, high school, college or university, and finally, graduate school. Nevertheless today the term "home schooling" is used to designate the process by which parents teach their children at home as a replacement for the more usual outside-the-home learning. Yet all of these schooling activities have education as their object, so it would be accurate to say that "education" is the broader term that encompasses "schooling" as one form of it--or, that schooling is a means to an end, namely, education.

A person's entire learning process, whether "formal" or not, constitutes their edication. This of course includes reading books on one's own, or any sort of mental activity by which knowledge is acquired. One could say that a person's entire life...

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