What is the denouement (the ending) of The Magician's Nephew?

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It is interesting because the denouement, which wraps up everything in this story, actually sets the stage for the beginning of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."  "The Magician's Nephew" ends with Digory saving his mother by bringing her an apple from Narnia, which he managed to do by resisting the temptation to eat it himself.  Afterward he takes the apple core and buries it in the backyard.  It grows into a magnificent tree with the best apples anywhere in England.  Later, when the tree is destroyed by a storm, Digory has the wood made into a wardrobe, thus setting the stage for what many consider to be the first book in the series.

Check the links below for information on both denouement and the story itself.  Good luck!

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