What is the definition of assembly-line justice?

Assembly-line justice means applying the concept of the manufacturing assembly line to the justice system, handling large volumes of cases on the same basis with the aim of processing them as quickly as possible, rather than investigating the specific facts.

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An assembly line is a process of manufacturing complex machines, such as automobiles, as efficiently as possible by mechanically moving the parts between workstations, at each of which a relatively simple operation is performed. Assembly-line justice is the application of this principle to the justice system. It is almost always used as a pejorative term, though those who favor something of the kind might call it "streamlining the court system" or refer to efficiency and costs.

The main reason why even proponents of assembly-line justice would not wish to use the term is that assembly lines are created to produce uniform products. In the justice system, every case is different, so assembly-line justice has to work by placing cases in categories and treating them all in the same way. This is where the tension between the assembly line and the justice first comes in. All defendants accused of committing a particular type of crime are treated in exactly the same way, regardless of special...

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