What is the deeper meaning behind The Metamorphosis?

The deeper meaning behind The Metamorphosis is connected to the themes of alienation, identity, compassion, and the absurd. While the story itself is about a man who randomly turns into a giant insect, deeper analysis shows the reader that Kafka is exploring the absurdity of life and the human condition.

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The Metamorphosis brings out the interior life of Gregor Samsa. For some time, he has felt like nothing more than an insect, a creature toiling away at a dehumanizing job he hates.

Gregor is a traveling salesman, and as the story opens, he awakens and contemplates his day. He describes all that he dislikes about his job: he has to be up very early and never feels rested. He dislikes the food on the road and the fact that he can never get to know a specific set of people. He dislikes his boss, and he only took the job to help his parents pay off a debt to this boss.

Gregor's feelings of being little more than an insect manifest themselves in his body as he discovers he is a giant insect. Suddenly, he is wearing his feelings about himself on the outside, just as an insect's hard carapace is like a human bone structure turned inside out.

The feelings of dehumanization and alienation that Gregor experiences increase now that he is in insect form. He is liberated from his job, but he is also...

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