What is the creature's reaction to Paradise Lost? According to the creature, how is he both similar and different from Adam?

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During a period of rather calm and reflective isolation, the creature finds some books and eagerly reads them. He connects most with Paradise Lost, reading it as a "true history." His similarities to Adam evoke a strong emotional response; he realizes that both he and Adam were created as original beings—not born from a womb, as are all other human creations. Therefore, they are both isolated, connected biologically to no other people on Earth. This is where the similarities end; Adam's Creator formed him in love and guided him, carefully helping Adam to make moral decisions. God conversed with Adam, providing both companionship and an encouraging relationship, always ready to explain the ways of an unknown world.

In contrast, the creature sees himself as isolated from his creator. He has received no guidance and has been left to try to understand a harsh world on his own. There has been no relationship with his creator, though he has longed to form such a connection.

Because of his...

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