Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

by Judy Blume

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What is the conflict in chapters 4 through 6 of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

In Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, the conflict in chapter 4 involves Peter getting shouted at for not looking after his brother, after an accident at the park. Chapter 5 sees conflict between Fudge and his friend over a gift at Fudge's birthday party. In chapter 6, the conflict occurs when Fudge cannot have the same new shoes as Peter.

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The conflict that arises in chapter 4 is when Peter, together with his friend Jimmy and his nemesis Sheila, have been left in charge with taking care of Fudge while he pays in the park. Fudge temporarily forgets that he can't fly and attempts to soar off the jungle gym which, of course, leads to some minor injuries. The conflict arises when Peter and his mother get home, and Peter gets shouted at for failing to take good care of his brother.

Chapter 5 is all about Fudge's third birthday party. I would argue that the biggest conflict in this chapter is when Fudge is opening his birthday presents. Fudge opens a little wind-up car that his friend Ralph has bought him, but Ralph gets jealous and snatches the car back. To make things worse, one of Sam's other friends gives him a book that he already has, which angers Fudge.

Chapter 6 sees Fudge being taken to the dentist, having lost his two front teeth in the flying attempt of chapter 4. The biggest conflict in this chapter comes after the dentist, when the boys are taken to a shoe store. Fudge, who always wants to be like Peter, wants to get the same shoes as Peter, and all hell breaks loose when it transpires that the shoes that Peter has chosen are not available in Fudge's size. The boys' mother ends the conflict by pretending to Fudge that Peter is getting the same shoes as him. This, of course, will lead to another conflict later when Fudge realizes that he has been duped.

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