What is the conflict between Duke Frederick and Duke Senior in As You Like It by William Shakespeare?

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We can try to answer this on two levels, though the textual information we have on this issue is scant. On one level, we can say the conflict between Duke Frederick and Duke Senior is Person against Person. This makes it an interpersonal conflict: something has gone wrong between two people (in this case, two brothers) and has resulted in a vicious conflict. This conflict, of course, is paralleled in the same brother against brother interpersonal conflict between Oliver and Orlando, though we know more about their conflict than we know about the Dukes' conflict.

On another level, we have to ask what caused the conflict? To that question, we have little textual guidance. We might speculate that the classic (fairy tale-like) theme holds for the cause of their conflict: older brother inherits throne; younger brother is envious and resentful; older brother is loving and benevolent; younger brother's malice makes him evil and malevolent; younger brother steals throne and exiles older brother. [This...

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