After Twenty Years

by O. Henry
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What is the conclusion of "After Twenty Years"?

Expert Answers

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The two men, Silky Bob and Jimmy Wells, grew up together and were very close.  When they each decided to go different ways, Bob to find his fortune in the West and Jimmy to settle in New York, they made a promise to each other that they would meet 20 years later at the same restaurant. Silky Bob was there waiting for Jimmy.  The restaurant had changed and was now a cigar store.  A police officer stops and Silky Bob tells him the story.  Later, another man approaches, and Bob assumes it is Jimmy.  Finally he realizes that the man couldn't be Jimmy because Jimmy's nose was a Roman nose and this man had a pug nose.  The ironic thing is that the police officer was Jimmy Wells.  He couldn't arrest his good friend, but he did recognize him as a wanted man.  So, he arranged for a plainclothes officer to meet him and arrest him.

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