What is the comparison between the serpent in the Old Testament to the one in Gilgamesh?

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While serpents play a major role in both the Book of Genesis and The Epic of Gilgamesh, they serve different functions in both.

For Adam and Eve, the serpent is a villainous figure. While not explicitly identified as Satan in disguise in the text, the serpent is commonly interpreted as such since he tempts Eve to directly disobey God. The serpent is a deceiver and evil, with little room for alternative interpretation.

For Gilgamesh, the serpent is a more ambiguous figure. After obtaining an herb that grants eternal youth, Gilgamesh puts it aside while bathing, only for a serpent to steal the herb before it can be used. This could be interpreted as a tragic thing, but considering how the message of Gilgamesh is that mortality gives human life greater meaning and urgency, the...

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