Dry Questions and Answers
by Neal Shusterman

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What is the climax of Dry?

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Although the novel Dry technically has multiple climaxes, as the overall narrative is formed by a series of events, the most obvious "climax" is arguably Alyssa's encounter with a person posing as a convenience store employee. The experience was a wake-up call for Alyssa, and it is at this point in the novel where the intensity turns up. The main challenge of finding water becomes secondary to immediate protection, and Alyssa decides to purchase a firearm to protect her and her sibling.

Another character in the novel, Kelton, becomes a close friend of Alyssa's. She teaches Kelton how to defend himself, particularly by using the firearm. In return for her kindness, Kelton always makes sure that he shares his water-filled canteen with her. This is a turning point in the story because it's a contrast to the persistent example of exploitation, theft, manipulation, selfishness, and domination throughout the novel.

Although it's not as action-packed as other dramatic events in the story, such as the Tap-Out or the Water Fairy—making it an atypical climax for a novel—it is what makes the story of despair rewarding in the end. This climax hints that there is hope for the future due to this simple act of humanity.

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