What is the climax in The Poet X?

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The climax of The Poet X takes place when Xiomara's mother finds her leather-bound journal on the kitchen table and reads Xiomara's poetry; this discovery leads Mami to set the journal on fire when Xiomara returns home after school, effectively destroying all of Xiomara's art in a literal and a figurative sense. Ironically, this difficult incident takes place on Xiomara and Xavier's birthday, the 8th of January, a day that Xiomara was anticipating to be a good day.

The relationship between Xiomara and her mother has been under stress for several months at this point in the novel. As Xiomara questions the teachings of the Catholic church and experiences more and more feelings towards Aman, she distances herself from Mami. Mami finds Xiomara's growing independence and challenging nature difficult. When the climax takes place and Mami tries to set Xiomara's journal on fire, Xiomara leaves the family apartment in an emotional storm, which tests her connection to her family.

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