What is the chronological order of events in All My Sons?

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Arthur Miller’s three-act play All My Sons tells about the lives of Joe Keller and his family. The play’s action takes place in Joe’s backyard as we learn about his family and the decisions Joe has made. As act 1 begins in the late summer of 1947 with Joe, a businessman who is close to 60 years old, sitting in his yard reading the paper. Joe and his neighbors, Jim and Frank, discuss the weather and the want ads. Frank notices Joe’s apple tree has been knocked over because it was struck by lightning during the night. The tree is special to Joe because it was planted in memory of his youngest son Larry, who was killed in World War II.

As they continue to talk, we learn that Larry’s former fiancé, Ann, is visiting and is taking a nap upstairs. When Chris, Joe’s oldest son, enters, the conversation returns to the tree. Joe’s wife, Kate, doesn’t believe that Larry is dead and has been holding on to hope that he will return; in fact, she sees the tree blowing over as a sign he...

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