What is the central, or most important, conflict in Turtles All The Way Down?

There are several conflicts in this book, and the search for the missing billionaire is a central one. However, one could argue that Ava’s conflict within herself is the most important and most central conflict. Her struggle with her anxiety and OCD shows how internal struggles can define the way one experiences and acts in the world. It also reinforces the book’s message about learning how to cope with challenges like mental illness.

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One could argue the central conflict in John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down is the disappearance of billionaire Russell Pickett. And indeed, this conflict drives the story, as Ava and the people around her get roped into the search for Pickett in hopes of a financial reward.

However, Green’s focus on Ava’s inner thoughts and actions suggest Ava’s conflict with herself could be seen as the most...

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