What is the c-suite staff structure, number of staff, and swot analysis of UNICEF Canada?

UNICEF Canada is a branch of a humanitarian aid organization whose c-suite staff includes Linton Carter, Rowena Pinto, and Dave Spedding. There are approximately 85 staff at this branch. UNICEF Canada's donation-based system can be viewed as both a strength and a threat.

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UNICEF Canada is a humanitarian organization that helps children survive and live happy, fulfilling lives. It helps uphold the rights of children and protects their well-being. UNICEF as a whole has literally helped save millions of children's lives around the world. At the c-suite level, Linton Carter is the Chief Development Officer of UNICEF Canada. Rowena Pinto is the Chief Program Officer for UNICEF Canada. Dave Spedding is the Chief Operating Officer of UNICEF Canada. More than 13,000 staff work with UNICEF, with approximately 85 people located in each country. UNICEF Canada has about 85 staff members. UNICEF is in 190 countries.

UNICEF Canada staff can work to reach the most disadvantaged children with healthcare,...

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